ELF Racing Fuel Turbo REF (Drum 50 liter) RON 101.4 MON 86.0 Oxygen 3.60% Ongelood

ELF Racing Fuel Turbo REF

Drum 50 liter

Typical figures

RON - 101.4
MON - 86.0
OXYGEN % - 3.60


This fuel has been specially designed to extract maximum performance from turbocharged engines, with octane indices in the upper limit allowed by the FIA regulations, a natural engine supercharge, a choice of molecules with high energy content and high combustion rate for optimized cycle efficiency.

Type of use : For turbocharged engines like WRC, RRC, R5 …

Regulation : Compliant with FIA regulations


- Very high performances
- High protection against knocking
- Optimized engine efficiency
- Unleaded


- ELF TURBO REF considerably increases power and reliability without fine-tuning.
- Engine mapping must be optimised (Air/Fuel ratio, ignition sequence) to obtain full benefit from this product.

1 - 3 vaten € 35,00 excl. BTW
4 - 6 vaten € 45,00 excl. BTW

Racediesel Racebrandstof Race Diesel

€ 347,27

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